Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's been about nine months since I produced my DVD "In the Studio." In the months before I released it, had anyone told me that I'd be able to film, edit, produce and market a DVD entirely by myself, I would not have believed them. Apparently I have a knack for film making.
Here's how the whole thing came about
A few years ago my brother-in-law loaned me a video camera. Around that same time I got my first Mac and started using imovie to edit some videos. In December of 2009, after watching my friend John Thornton make a slew of videos with his camcorder and Final Cut, I decided I wanted to get my own high def camera and give Final Cut a try. At first I just played with it, then on a lark I decided to film the progress of a painting I was doing of two sumo wrestlers. I put the sumo video on Youtube and was amazed at the response I got. In the spring of 2010 I started filming the progress of a figure painting, thinking I would upload it to Youtube. Someone saw my sumo video on Youtube and asked if I'd be interested in having them produce a video of a painting demo. This got the wheels spinning in my head and within a week I decided I wanted to produce my own video about my artwork and painting methods. I took the footage I was shooting of the figure painting and some other footage of a still life and used those as the basis for my DVD "In the Studio." It was an enormous amount of work, especially writing a script for the narrative, which took several weeks. My brother Stephen played the piano sound track. In July 2010 I released the video and have been selling it since. Next month "The Artist's Magazine" will be featuring the DVD in an article about me and my work for their May 2011 issue.


  1. Hey David,

    Love your work, Im looking forward to your next post.

  2. Wow David! Thanks for sharing that story of how the DVD came about. You inspire me. I have a box full of HD video I have shot of myself painting in the studio. Shooting is the easy part... Making time to edit is the killer.

    I am using Final Cut really that much better?

    Thanks Princess

  3. Final Cut Express is far more versatile than imovie...though it does cost $199.

  4. Final Cut, that's very impressive. Did you use any special lighting? How did you handle the voice-overs?
    Anyhow, I admire your work and will add your video to my Xmas list.

    Robert Joyner